Play 4 Line Aces and Faces Video Poker Online at UK

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Introduction | How the Game Works | Rules | Play for Real Money


If you think a single line of Aces of Faces Online Video Poker is a great game, it’s time to take the action to the next level. Increase your odds of winning by 4x when you play the 4 Line Aces of Faces Video Poker game at UK.

Playtech, one of the one recognizable and trusted online casino game developers, has done a masterful job in bringing this Online Video Poker game to punters worldwide. The high-quality graphic ad smooth animations are just part of the reason 4 line Aces and Faces has enjoyed such popularity.

Learn the rules and see how this game differs from Online Video Poker games in the review below.

How the Game Works

Online Video Poker has some similarities with playing poker with a deck of cards, mainly when it comes to the hierarchy of winning hands. It doesn’t involve any bluffing or trying to outwit your poker buddies. So, take off those mirrored sunglasses, place a bet, and click on the Deal button.

  • The main hand will be dealt five cards; all face up.
  • If you have any cards that you want to keep to build a winning combination, select to hold them.
  • These cards will not only stay with your main hand but also appear on on the other 3 hands as well.
  • Any card that you don’t Hold will be removed from the screen and replaced with new cards. Cards will also be dealt for the other 3 hands, giving each hand five face-up cards.

The program will automatically hold on to winning cards, meaning anything that is at least a pair of Aces or Face and better. However, if you think you can do better, you can choose to release any held cards.

Once all the hands have a full complement of 5 cards, the system will determine the best possible hand for each, and make layouts to your bankroll automatically. There is a Gamble feature that will give you the chance to try and double your winnings. It’s a simple game of high-card. On the screen are 5 cards, the first card on the left will be turned over, leaving the other 4 face-down. Choose any card to see what’s underneath, and if it’s higher than the first card, you’ll win. Of course, if you find a lower card, you’ll forfeit all the winnings from the previous hand.


  • Each line in Aces and Faces uses a separate 52 decks of cards.
  • When placing your bet, you can increase it by choosing to bet with up to 5 coins. This will also increase the payouts.
  • The minimum coin size is $0.05.
  • The maximum coin size is $5.00.
  • Every bet must be used on all 4 lines. Therefore, each bet will be placed 4 times to cover all the lines.
  • A Royal Flush is the best possible hand, with a max payout of £4,000.

Play for Real Money

4 Line Aces and Faces is a great to play for real money, both on your computer and mobile devices. The quality is always top-notch, and the action never stops. You will need to register your account and make a deposit to play. As our way of welcoming you to UK, you will be eligible to receive an exclusive Welcome Bonus. So, don’t delay, start play 4 Line Aces and Faces for real money today, and maybe you can get the next Royal Flush.