Play Planet of the Apes Online Slots at UK

For over a half century the stories, movies and TV shows of the Planet of the Apes have been mesmerizing audiences and fans. Now, you can win real money when playing NetEnt’s dual feature online slot game, The Planet of the Apes, at UK.

This online casino game is based on the two recent ape movies, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The game features 10 reels, with the 5 on the left representing the Rise and the 5 on the right representing the Dawn. The game essentially works as two separate 5 reel 20 payline games, but all it takes is one spin and all the reels will start turning.

Each side has their own colour schemes, bright and natural for the Rise and dark and menacing for the Dawn, and their own symbols. In both games, the two apes have the highest value followed by 3 humans from the movie, and finally the low value 10-A symbols. Each side also features their own wild and scatter symbols.

Double the Fun When You Play Planet of the Apes at UK

Even though the Rise and Dawn sides of the board work independently of each other, there are situations when they work together.

The Dual Feature can be triggered during any spin. The bonus feature will start when a pack of apes starts running across the reels. Two symbols, one from each side, will be chosen at random and they will start falling on both sides. The symbols will be moved to the corresponding spaces on their proper side, and they will continue to fall until one lands in a space that is already occupied on the opposite side. The payout will be determined based on how many symbols managed to find a spot on the reels before it ended.

The Rise Bonus is triggered when the Rise Bonus symbol lands on the left most reel and it pays out a set amount for every human and ape symbol that lands on the Rise side of the reels. The Dawn Bonus will transform every human and ape symbol into one matching symbol, that is selected at random.

Each movie also has their own game spin feature, that is triggered when 3 matching scatters land on the appropriate side of the board. In the Rise feature, you’ll have 10 spins and any wild that lands on the reels will be collected, and used in one big final spin. The Dawn feature comes with 15 spins and 3 collectible symbols that you’ll need to fill up the corresponding meters.

Play the Dual Feature Planet of the Apes Online Slots at UK

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Instead of spending the day watching a double feature at the theatres, stay home and enjoy the Dual Feature of the Planet of the Apes online slot game at UK.