Play Juicy Booty Online Slot at UK

Welcome to Captain Lemmy’s pirate ship, where the currency is fresh tasty fruits. These aren’t your ordinary pirates, led by the sword wielding lemur, these guys are celebrating the juicy booty that they just scored. That includes, mangoes, bananas, oranges, and plums.

These fruits, along with pirate objects like cannons and a hook are the symbols that you’ll find spinning on the reels in the Juicy Booty online slot game at UK.

The online casino game includes a progressive jackpot, two bonus features, plus a ton of fun animations. Don’t delay, come on board the ship and we’ll tell you how you can win real money today.

Exciting Bonuses in Juicy Booty Online Slot at UK

Juicy Booty is available in Practice Mode, but if you want to hold onto the booty when the game is over you will need to start playing in Real Money Mode.

To start playing, load the game and set your bet. Then click the spin button and see what happens. Without warning, on any spin, Captain Lemmy is liable to jump onto the reels holding his favourite sword and start cutting symbols in half. This is great news for you as it will create double symbols and increased odds of winning.

If you land three of the cannon symbols on a single spin you will get to test your aim with a cannon when you play the Fruit Shoot Bonus. With fruit flying all over the ship you will have to aim and shoot, hoping to blow prizes out of the fruits.

Most of the fruit will contain coins, but there are a select few that contain a golden key. If you are lucky enough to shoot three key holding fruits you will win the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is constantly growing, based on the play from other online casino players all over the world, you can see how much it is worth by looking at the digital readout on top of the screen.

The final bonus feature can earn you up to 50 free spins when you get at least three Free Spin symbols on the reels simultaneously. The more scatters that land on the reels, the more free games you can win. If a barrel symbol dares land on the reels during the free spins Captain Lemmy will grab his trusty cannon and blow it up, and you’ll reap the rewards that are inside it.

Play Juicy Booty Online Slots for Real Money at UK Today

With so many bonus features, and a progressive jackpot, it would seem silly not to play this online slot game for real money. Just open an account and make a deposit and you’ll be all set to start playing. We’ll even give you some booty to get started with - a Welcome Bonus up to £100.

So just join Captain Lemmy and his ragtag group of pirates in the search for the elusive Juicy Booty at UK.