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Ji Xiang 8 is a video slot that takes you right into the Chinese superstitions surrounding luck. With 8 being a lucky number in Chinese culture, this game contains a mark that is said to give players additional luck. The luck that is on offer with this unique slot means that a visit to today will make it your lucky day.

All the symbols in Ji Xiang 8 have an Oriental feel to them. Almost all of the numbers in the game are based around 8, which means that Ji Xiang 8 really is hammering home that 8 is a lucky number for players. It is a game that gives off a rich feel all of the way through with both the visual and sounds. There is also a high level of payout on offer which further adds to the richness of the game.

Goddess   Goddess   Goddess

Main Features

  • Game Type: 3 reels and 8 paylines
  • Return to Player (RTP): 99%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Theme: Chinese culture
  • Release Year: 2016

Ji Xiang 8 takes a different approach to the video slot genre. It has 3 reels and 8 paylines. It also uses the paylines in a different manner to other slots. The paylines pays across all three reels, both horizontally and vertically and the final two paylines are the diagonals across the board.

The symbols are all taken from Chinese and Oriental culture. There are a number of golden statues, animals and ornaments included as featured with the golden 8 scatter symbol the highest paying symbol in the game.

The background of the game shows a pile of golden coins with a lucky Chinese emperor statue looking back at you. A traditional Chinese tune plays the whole time the game is running. This combined with the exquisitely designed symbols means that Ji Xiang 8 is one of the best looking and best sounding games available on the market.

Play for Real Money

When you are fully up to speed with how to play Ji Xiang 8, then beginning to play for real money is almost as simple as playing for fun. Just make your way to the Cashier at, make a deposit and within seconds you can start playing the game. You can play when you are on the go or when you’re at home, no matter how you want to play, Ji Xiang 8 makes it possible.

Just remember to play responsibly and don’t use up all of your luck at once.


The maximum payout for Ji Xiang 8 is It is also linked in with the number 8. The maximum payout on Ji Xiang 8 is up to 8,888 times your stake. This is won by landing a scatter symbol on every position on the reels or by landing 3 of the golden dragon symbols on a single payline.


Bet sizes

  • Coin: 1 per payline
  • Coin size: 01 to 100.00
  • Bet: 08 to 800.00


  • Standard: Golden dragon, golden lion, golden fish, golden frog, gold coin, ornament, golden bowl, Chinese writing, ribbon
  • Scatter: Golden 8
Symbol 3 on a payline (or 4 on the reels for scatter) 5 on the reels 6 on the reels 7 on the reels 8 on the reels 9 on the reels
Golden dragon 8,888 - - - - -
Golden lion 888 - - - - -
Golden fish 688 - - - - -
Golden frog 288 - - - - -
Gold coin 88 - - - - -
Ornament 68 - - - - -
Golden bowl 38 - - - - -
Chinese writing 28 - - - - -
Ribbon 18 - - - - -
Golden 8 2 8 38 188 888 8,888

There are no additional features other than these in Ji Xiang 8. It uses the 8 paylines as its main feature and offers a range of payouts that are all based around the number 8. The scatter symbol can payout without being on a payline, and if you manage to fill the screen with scatters then the maximum payout of 8,888 is triggered.

Software and Mobile Experience

If you like to play on the go, then Ji Xiang 8 allows that opportunity with a flawless compatibility. Players can load up the game on their mobile device within seconds and be winning prizes before they know it. make it easy to access the mobile version, so you can play Ji Xiang 8 wherever you are.


Ji Xiang 8 offers players a look directly into the Chinese culture surrounding luck. The superb graphics and unique gameplay mechanism makes Ji Xiang 8 one of the most interesting video slots on offer at Make sure that you don’t miss out on this high-quality game.

No matter where you are, you can easily play Ji Xiang 8 any time at Make the most of the luck that is on offer by jumping straight into this 8 payline feature.