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Many of the online casino blackjack variations are only slightly different to classic online blackjack games. Blackjack Switch, however, includes rules that are not found in other blackjack games. The Blackjack Switch variation of this popular online casino game is not found in land-based casinos, but can be found when playing at UK online casino.

Special Rules for Blackjack Switch at UK

Blackjack Switch begins in much the same way as other blackjack games. Players and dealers begin with one face-up card, with the second player card face-up and the second dealer card face-down. The first difference seen in this game is that players are dealt two blackjack hands. Although this may seem similar to other multi-hand blackjack games, it is noticeably different.

As the name, Blackjack Switch, implies, cards can be switched in this version of casino online blackjack. Players may switch the top cards of the two hands if they wish to do so. This means that players can make better winning combinations by changing the top cards. For example, if a player holds a 10 and an 8 in one hand, and a 9 and an Ace in another, if the top cards on each hand are the 10 and 9, they can be switched. This would result in one hand showing a blackjack with the 10 and the Ace, and the other hand showing a total of 17 using the 9 and the 8.

Players may also split hands and double in Blackjack Switch. Once you have completed playing your hand, using the switch option if you wish to do so, the dealer hand will be revealed, and winning payouts will be made. Another advantage to the player is that the dealer must hit on a soft 17. The dealer hand receives a win if the total is 22. However, if the player hand shows a blackjack, the dealer hand loses even when on a total of 22.

Blackjack pays out at 1:1. In most blackjack casino games, a blackjack hand pays out at 3:2. Although the payout is smaller, the chance of winning is greater.

Blackjack Switch offers a side game called Super Match. In this game, players can place bets on the player hand cards. Super Match bets are as follows:

  • Betting on a pair being found in the two hands pays out at 1:1.
  • Three of a kind pays out at 5:1.
  • Two pairs pays out at 8:1.
  • Four of a kind pays out at 40:1.

Blackjack Switch is a Popular Real Money Game at UK

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