Play Jackpot Darts Arcade Games Online at UK

You might not think of darts as a particularly enthralling online casino games choice but when you have wins of up to 2000x your stake, plus a progressive jackpot in play, Jackpot Darts at UK might just peak your interest! It’s such an easy online arcade game to learn – you place bets on a predicted outcome and win if you’re right – and you can bet up to four times on any single game, so the win potential is massive. Popular among players who like darts games in real life, or those seeking something different from their favourite online casino, Jackpot Darts is a thrilling online arcade game made up of speedy action and massive payouts. Play today to see why it’s popular with our UK players, and you can also opt in for a casino bonus for some extra bankroll funds, such as the Welcome Bonus awarded to new players, worth as much as £100.

Betting on Jackpot Darts Arcade Games Online

You have the three darts to make your best possible shot – and when you bet, you guess what that outcome will be. How much you are paid out depends on the quality of your shot and the precision of your guess. You have multiple betting choices available to you when before you throw the darts at the virtual dartboard, and making your choice is all part of the fun. You can place a maximum of four bets per round and your betting options for Jackpot Darts are:

  • Singles – you can place a wager on the number of darts that will secure a single number
  • Bullseye – you can wager that a minimum of one dart will secure the bullseye
  • Doubles – this is a wager on the number of darts that will hit one of the double number spots
  • Outer Bull – you can wager that a minimum of one dart will secure the outer ring/bull spot
  • Trebles – you can place a wager on the number of darts that will secure a treble number in the throw
  • Lo, Mid, or Hi – these wagers take into consideration the total score and bets on a specified range that is either 3-38, or 39-41, or 42-180

Win Real Money Including a Progressive Jackpot on Jackpot Darts

For standard wins, you can see all the payout values on your Jackpot Darts paytable, but as a general rule, the lower the odds of hitting that particular shot, the higher the payout. All standard payouts are decided across the three dart throws in a single games round. To win the Jackpot Darts progressive, you need to opt in with an additional wager – you can see this to the right of your game screen. The extra bet not only gives you access to winning the progressive, but it also allows you to win bigger payouts involving the outer bull and the bullseye. With the additional jackpot wager, you can also win:

  • 1x outer ring – win 20x your stake
  • 1x bullseye – win 20x your stake
  • 2x outer rings – win 2000x your stake
  • 2x bullseyes – win 2000x your stake
  • 3x outer rings – hit the progressive jackpot win
  • 3x bullseyes – hit the progressive jackpot win