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Every season is football season with Top Trumps - World Football Stars. Get ready to pit some of the world’s greatest international footballers against each other in this thrilling online casino game. You will be able to see who’s better, Gerard or Toni? Gonzales or Klinsmann? You can settle a few arguments and maybe create a few more with this fun, easy to play game. The passion, the poetry and the magic of international football is all here for the taking in a slots game that has all the atmosphere of the greatest international championship finals. You will see the greatest goal scorers in the world and the greatest teams in the world battle it out to see who will be Top Trumps.

A dream transfers list

Top Trumps is an incredibly popular card game that has been seen on playgrounds since 1968. The point of the game is to beat your opponent by choosing the statistics on your card you think will win the round. The cards have a huge variety of subjects, from sports cars to airplanes to mythical creatures, and of course to international football stars. This fun slots game will take you back to those days playing in your school lunch break as you compare the greatest world football stars. The best thing about this game is it has all the thrills and action of football and all the fun of Top Trumps, it’s really like two games in one! You can come and play Top Trumps - World Football Stars right now, and as a special treat we are offering a free welcome bonus to new players that can be used on any of our online casino games.

A winner on and off the pitch

Top Trumps - World Football Stars is a fun to play 5 reel, 15 payline online slots game that mixes the games of football and Top Trumps into a heady online slots experience. It has all the features you would expect from a world class game such as this, it has wild symbols, scatter symbols and Bonus games which could win you free spins and multipliers on your winnings! What’s more at the beginning of the game you choose which teams will play each other, so if you want to reclaim the glory we haven’t felt since 1966, now is your time to try. The game features clear graphics of famous international footballers and sound effects which bring all the atmosphere of being in a football stadium right to your computer screen. We believe when it comes to slots games, this is really Top Trumps.