Single Line Slots

Classic single-line slots is the original format of the old-fashioned casino slot machines. The game is made up of three to five reels and features one payout line – hence the term single-line slots. The first ever slot machine was a single-line slot machine called The Liberty Bell.

The basics of single-line slots

Classic single-line slots are popular online, as well as in real-life casinos – perhaps because they are so easy to pick up and play.

Nowadays, there are many single-line slots games to choose from. If you are not sure which game you prefer, you can always try playing them first in practice mode for free.

If you decide upon a game to play, it’s advisable to read the payout chart. It's usually found above or below the reels, though sometimes the payout charts are reached via an external link or button. Examining the payout chart may help you to make more of your time spent playing our slots games.

Playing online single-line slots

The object of casino online slots games is simple – to try and arrive at winning combinations of symbols. You can begin by selecting a value for coins and the amount of coins you wish to use, before spinning the reels and seeing what you get. The results depend on whether or not the reels stop on a winning combination, and what that combination corresponds to on the payout chart. If the reels show a combination across the pay line that appears on the payout chart, you win your wager multiplied by the point given for that particular combination.

If you enjoy playing single line slots, we recommend also trying multi-line slots games – these are slightly more complex, but just as fun and exciting. You can check out our variety of online slots games and other casino games online at, and see which games you like best.