Online Pharoah's Secrets

Travel back in time and discover the secrets of ancient Egypt with Pharoah's Secrets, a thrilling multi-line video slots game. You’ll experience one of the wonders of the world – the Egyptian pyramids – while playing this exotic and enchanting online casino game.

How to Play Pharoah's Secrets

This multi line video slots game has five reels, 20 pay lines and many special features to unveil. One is the ‘Extra Win Feature’, which can be activated during the game to expand the wild feature in the main game. Scatter wins go by the new total bet and line bets are per line. Try your luck at unlocking Pharoah's secret bonus: choose out of the three symbols, the scarab, Udjat; the sound eye of Horus; or Nekhbet, the vulture goddess.

Discover the Pharoah's head symbol to activate the wild, which appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. Unlock the chambers of the pyramids for extra combinations and unfold Pharoah’s secrets. Press the gamble feature to open up a fun new side game, and choose from ancient Egyptian cards to reveal your fortune. The double-up limit can reach $5000!

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