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The Chinese know how to throw a good party, as anyone who’s been lucky enough to attend a New Year’s celebrations will agree. You can discover all kinds of amazing delicious food and drink and revel in the atmosphere created by the gently flickering paper lanterns. If that sounds too quiet, then don’t worry as the jolly music and acrobatic dragon dancers are sure to delight you! Chinese New Year celebrations are famous around the world, and rightly so, as they are a real feast for the senses. We are thrilled to be able to bring that atmosphere to you with this festive online casino game. You won’t even need to set foot out of the door, as it’s all here, online and only a click away.

Bringing you wishes of ample surplus!

“Nian nian you yu” is an expression used to wish people a successful year during the New Year celebrations. The expression can be translated as ‘May the year bring you ample surplus’ or in other words,’May you have more at the end of the year than at the start’. Chinese New Year is also known as the spring festival, and in Chinese the same word is used for Spring and fish, so there are always tasty fish dishes to gobble up. You won’t have to wait until New Year to play this fun and charming online slots game, you can experience the festive mood any time you like, and as it’s a celebration we would like to welcome all new players to our online casino games with a free bonus you can use on any game in our collection.

We will have you wonton more!

Nian nian you yu is a 5 reel 9 payline slot that will whisk you away to a lively Chinese New Year celebration, complete with food, music and more! Keeping with the theme, the Wild symbol is represented by a fish, and the other special symbols all stick with the themes of the celebrations. Cherry blossom, Bowls of Dim Sum, firecrackers, lanterns and Chinese dragons will transport you to a wonderful colourful place of fun and merrymaking that fits perfectly in our online slots collection. The best thing about this game is the Progressive jackpot bonus game which could happen at any moment, even on a round with no winning lines! If it happens get ready to spin the wheel and match up dragon symbols for a chance to really boost your jackpot.