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It’s no surprise that the Eskimos have over a hundred words for snow, it’s so cold up there at the North Pole that there’s not much else to see. It’s not all bad though as you can keep warm enough in your igloo or spend a nice afternoon ice fishing and if that doesn’t take your mind off how chilly the end of your nose is getting, you can always warm it up with an Eskimo kiss or two with a cute local! Life is hard in the Arctic Circle, but everyone seem to be right Inuit, nothing can cool down their natural warm characters. Come and chill out with this fun online casino game, you can experience a winter wonderland any time of the year and all from the cosy comfort of your own home!

You’ll get right Inuit!

The Eskimo people live above the Arctic Circle in the frozen lands of Greenland, they have lived in this chilly place for thousands of years, surviving mainly by fishing and living in the world famous ice houses known as igloos. There’s always time for a bit of fun though, and there’s nothing like chilling out after a hard day out on the sea ice sitting around a roaring campfire, telling tall tales and maybe flirting a little with the pretty girl from 3 igloos down. You can enjoy a slice of the simple life here and now with this cool little addition to our online casino games collection. You won’t need to invest in any warm clothes or even flight tickets with Ice Run, and in fact we are even offering new players a free welcome bonus to be used with any of our refreshing game collection.

It’s Snow joke!

Ice Run is a 5 reel, 25 payline online slots game with fantastic graphics and animations that will whisk you away to a beautiful frozen landscape that will send a shiver of excitement down your spine! The nippy gameplay is full of frosty features, including scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, expanding wild symbols and a fun bonus mini game that’s initiated by hitting the dog sled symbols. The gameplay is fun and brisk, but rest assured that it is snow joke with seriously cool features and chances to win and put a smile on those rosy cheeks.