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The long distance truck driver is like the modern day cowboy. Sitting at the wheel of his big rig, hauling goods across all 50 of the United States he drives through the day and night, through blizzards and deserts, just to make sure his shipments get there on time. The articulated truck is a beast of a vehicle and the driver is the king of the road. Pausing only to refill on coffee and pie he’s gone as quickly as he arrives, cruising down that great big old lonesome highway, with only the chatter of his CB radio as company. The truck driving life has been immortalised in films and songs and now you can experience it for yourself in this fun online casino game. And you don’t even need a HGV license to play!

Experience the fun of life on the road.

For as long as there have been roads there have been the men (and women) who transport goods along them. From ancient horses and carts to the pony express to the trucker and his big rig, it’s a job that has always had a bit of mystery and romance. For many people it’s the chance to drive huge vehicles, and for others it’s a job which is always varied, with no boss breathing down your neck, just the open road and the sun on your arm. A life on the road means a different place to sleep every night, a view from your cab that’s always changing and the chance to tell a few stories when you finally make it home. We are proud to offer you a chance to experience the truck driving life, and also to be able to offer new players a free welcome bonus that can be used on any of our online casino games.

A chance to win a big haul!

Highway Kings pro is a 5 reel 9 payline slot machine based on the exciting theme of truck driving in the USA. The colourful animated graphics and jaunty country and western music will really make you feel like you are on Route 66 at the wheel of your very own big rig. The game is fully featured with scatter symbols, wild symbols and a great truck racing bonus game! Even if you are not a fan of trucks and truck driving, the fun, easy to master gameplay will make you feel like a real winner. So, pull on your baseball cap, tear the sleeves off your shirt and put the pedal to the metal in this high octane online slots game!