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Strange things happen when there’s a full moon in the sky and that’s certainly the case in this spooky slot which has graphics to send a shiver down your spine and leave your hair standing on end. The movie intro is a real hoot too and reveals a lightning-filled English graveyard in 1860 and an eerie silhouetted castle in the background. Our unfortunate hero, the pale-faced Dr Blackwood, is attacked by a mysterious beast and although he lives to tell the tale he pays a terrible price because every time a full moon appears in the clear night sky he is transformed into a werewolf! Don’t be scared though because winning cash will put fear out of your mind and you’ll also have some silver bullets to help if you hear a blood-curdling howl that’s too close for comfort. Make sure you know how to fire a gun though! Full Moon Fortunes is fun and has great graphics and sound effects. If you like this check out the other earthly and unearthly delights we have in store at online casino.

Sink your teeth into a lunar classic

When the full moon is out it’s probably wise to stay indoors just in case there are any blood-thirsty werewolves lurking in the undergrowth. Being at home will give you ample time to check out this great slot which has more twists and turns than ivy on the walls of a haunted castle. If the full moon symbol lands on reel five then the pallid Dr Blackwood is transformed into a hairy monster although more importantly he becomes a multiplier wild meaning you could win up to five times your stake. Additionally, there are four other bonus symbols: a howling wolf, a red jewel, Dr Blackwood and a gravestone which activates the free spins feature. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into something juicy get down to online casino games.

Chills are multiplying!

Normally the sight of a few gravestones will send a chill through your bones but in Full Moon Fortunes it’s a cause for celebration. The more scatter gravestones you land the more free spins and multipliers you receive. However, before the free spins start you will be taken to a graveyard scene and the more graves you pick up the more spins and multipliers that will be heading your way. Dr Blackwood turns wild during this feature during which you can multiply your wins by up to 25 times your stake. Speaking of stakes, was that Count Dracula I just saw at the window? Let’s hope not, we’ve already got our hands full with werewolves! We have something for all tastes at online slots - so if yours happens to be blood, you’ve come to the right place!