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There’s nothing like a life on the ocean waves, plundering your way across the seven seas with your scurvy crew, stopping only to stock up on rum and cannonballs. Imagine Being at the helm of your very own Galleon, cruising through the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, answering to no one and striking fear into the hearts of grown men. Fire off a broadside before boarding the enemy vessel and making off with a tidy sum of Spanish Doubloons. At our online casino you can join up with a mischievous band of misfits and go on your own fun and exciting voyage of adventure. There’s even the chance you might pick up some valuable booty on the way.

A life on the ocean wave!

The classic pirate era began when Britain, France, Holland and Spain colonised islands in the Caribbean. Bustling ports were set up to allow for the trade of spices, sugar cane and gold, rich pickings for a man brave enough to take it. Soon Pirates were even being hired by government officials to disrupt rival’s trading routes. It was a time that created many legends and still captures the imaginations of people around the world to this day. Fortunate 5 gives you the chance to relive a part of this incredibly exciting period of history, and it doesn’t even matter if you don’t know your port from your starboard as we have made it as easy as possible to play our online casino games. In fact we even offer a free bonus to all our new players! Yo ho ho!

A captain is only as good as his crew

It has often been said that a captain is nothing without his crew, so it’s just as well that you’ll have the best of the best with you on this voyage, and each one has a very important role to play. Fortunate 5 is a 5 reel, 15 payline slot which recreates life aboard the Pirate ship ‘The Golden Wench’. Blue skies, a calm sea and tropical paradise awaits you, but there’s no time for relaxation, there’s plunderin’ to be done! The Golden Wench is the wild symbol, while Captain Redbeard and his crew of Peg Leg Davis, Mad Dog McDougall, Starboard Mary and Monsieur Poisson represent 5 different jackpot multipliers. Rounding it all off, the scatter symbol is represented by the classic pirate skull and crossbones. play this swashbuckling online slots game today!