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The Easter bunny is out and about hopping from door to door, leaving brightly coloured chocolate eggs hidden in gardens everywhere just waiting to be found. Everyone loves a good Easter egg hunt, the fun of the chase and then all that delicious creamy chocolate at the end. It’s not so good for the waistline, but don’t worry, even if you are on a strict diet, our delicious online casino game can be played guilt free! It has zero calories, but all the merry excitement of going on a real life Easter egg hunt, and you may just get more than you are eggspecting. Don’t make him a hot, cross, bunny, hop to it and play this eggselent holiday themed slots game, any time of the year!

Very bunny!

The Easter Bunny is originally a German legend dating back to the 1600s. We all know that rabbits have a lot of kittens in the spring, and eggs have always been a symbol of fertility, so when you put them together you have the perfect combination for this spring festival. Originally the bunny brought painted boiled eggs, but nowadays they are much more likely to be made of delicious chocolate! We all know the best chocolate eggs are the ones with surprises inside and this game is no different, well, except the prizes you could find won’t be of the plastic toy variety! It’s easy to play this fun colorful addition to our online casino games collection, it really doesn’t matter if you haven’t played before, as we are offering new visitors a free welcome bonus that can be used on any of our games in the casino.

Eggselent gameplay

Easter Surprise is a classic 5 reel, 20 payline online slots game that combines colorful animated graphics, feature rich gameplay and a jolly soundtrack together to create a game that makes it feel like it’s Easter any time of the year. The wild, scatter and bonus symbols are sure to put a spring in your step, and the surprising bonus games will have you bouncing up and down with eggcitement! It’s impossible to feel gloomy playing this game as you prance on a perfect green meadow while pink fluffy clouds pass overhead. Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot, check your hare and play this wonderful Easter game, Nobunny can resist!