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Venturing into a dragon’s den is the ultimate test of a hero’s bravery and valor. Only the most courageous adventurers will have what it takes to face the evil beast and come out with the princess and the treasure. You don’t have to be especially brave here in our online casino as we are bringing the adventure and excitement to you! In this sizzling hot slots game you can experience the kind of thrills that have only been spoken about before in legends. Take on the role of the valiant Viking and go head to head against a terrible, giant, scaly lizard that shoots fireballs out of his mouth! He’s amassed a huge horde of treasure, so even if the risks are high, the rewards could be incredible.

Dragon Kingdom   Dragon Kingdom   Dragon Kingdom

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Dragons, warriors, beautiful maidens! Everyone loves a good yarn, with classic fantasy books making their way onto our cinema and television screen it seems that these days everyone wants hobbit of the action. Well now you can experience for yourself a gripping and epic adventure into the very heart of danger to battle with a deadly dragon and take his riches. Winter might be coming, but you can be sure to feel the heat in this quick-fire game that can be played by anyone, even if you’ve taken an arrow to the knee! You will feel like you are sitting on your very own throne with our online casino games as we are offering first time adventurers a free welcome bonus that can be used on this, or any other of our games.

Explosive action

Dragon Kingdom is a dynamic fantasy themed online slots adventure. It’s a classic 5 reel 20 payline slot that is crammed full of features. There are Wild symbols, split symbols, scatters, multipliers and bonus games, all represented by beautiful animated graphics that really bring the fantasy to life. Be sure to search for the mysterious floating Dragon Kingdom itself, as if you find three of them you will win free spins with an exciting dynamic multiplier! Ready your weapons and hop upon your mighty mount and get ready for a fantasy slot experience that is truly amazing!