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Get ready to take a trip to the iconic Malibu beach, where beautiful bronzed bodies sizzle on the white sands while the pacific ocean sparkles and glitters like a sapphire under stunning cloudless skies. Dotted along the beach are several lifeguards, ready to jump in and save anyone who might have taken a dip too soon after finishing their ice cream and got a cramp. Of course you know them as the LA county lifeguards and their clinging, tight red swimming costumes are an icon of every dad’s favourite show in the 1990s, Baywatch. Step into our online casino and step right into that world, full of adventure and thrills and hot, sizzling, beautiful… beaches! It doesn’t matter if you live in colder, greyer climes, one click of the mouse will whisk you right away for some beach bound fun.

This game is shore to make waves!

Baywatch was a hugely successful detective drama series from the 1990s that followed the exploits of an impossibly good looking cast of lifeguards as they solved mysteries, saved lives and ran on the spot for the cameras. Each week the drama was different, with the cast battling against sharks, thugs, or even an atomic bomb! The world famous Pamela Anderson started her career here and of course David Hasselhoff got plenty of screen time to show off his luxurious chest hair! This officially licensed slot is part of our massive library of online casino games and is sure to jet you away to a fun and lively world and will make you feel like you are really there in LA enjoying all the sun and the fun that this show offered. If you still haven’t got your swimming certificate yet, don’t worry because we are offering new players a dazzling free welcome bonus.

Hurry, there’s no time to coast

Baywatch is an entertaining and exciting 5 reel, 20 payline slot. It is fully featured with wild and scatter symbols and as if you had any doubt, there’s also a great bonus game feature. It wouldn’t be an officially licensed game if it wasn’t filled with all your favourite characters from the series, and you are sure to recognise C.J. Parker, Matt Brody, Caroline Holden and Neely Capshaw as they appear on the reels. As well as all this eye candy, the other symbols featured are the show’s logo, classic red lifesaver and a jet ski. The gameplay is as fun and easy as you would expect and this great online slots game is sure to appeal to anyone who remembers the television show, or who just wants to dream of miles and miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.