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Greek mythology is filled with many incredibly exciting events, you could never say that it’s boring as all kinds of gods and monsters would duke it out in the heavens over Athens and other ancient cities, watched over by Zeus in his palace on top of Mount Olympus. This electrifying online casino game will give you the chance to feel some of that excitement for yourself. Heroic gods and beautiful goddesses come together to fight against the primordial titans in an apocalyptic showdown the likes of which have never been seen before. You can take part in the supernatural spectacular without even leaving your own home, your mouse is your weapon, click and join the fight!

Witness the Titans battle the Gods in the ultimate showdown

The Titans were an older group of Greek gods who ruled for thousands of years before engaging in a huge battle with the younger Olympian gods for the rights to rule over the Greeks. Mythology tells us that the Olympians won and Zeus took his place as the king of the gods, with his brothers Poseidon ruling the sea and Hades ruling the underworld. The war was fought over 10 years but don’t worry you can play this mythical slots game in much less time! Every good leader needs supplies for his battle and we haven’t forgotten you. We are offering all new mortal players to our online casino games a free welcome bonus that can be used to play on any game they wish.

Two exciting modes of play

Battle of the Gods is a five reel, twenty five payline addition to our online slots collection. It features fantastic animated graphics and sound effects that will have you believe you are part of an epic battle in the sky! The game has plenty of thrilling features, with scatter symbols, wild symbols, a bonus game and multipliers. You will play in God mode or Titan mode, and depending on which mode is active at the time different symbols will be available to you. It’s all very exciting, so don’t delay and prepare to immerse yourself in a breathtaking game bursting at the seams with Ancient myths and legends.