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Salty sea dogs have told tales of the ancient city of Atlantis in portside taverns for hundreds of years. Legend has it that it was an advanced and incredibly wealthy place, full of wonders and brimming with treasure. A huge disaster sent the city down into the depths of the blue sea and ever since then adventurers have been searching for the location of the city and of course the many riches that it contains. Some say that the inhabitants are still living their lives, there at the bottom of the sea, and magically have become friends with, or perhaps masters of the many strange and wonderful sea creatures that live out in the deep. Prepare to go on a thrilling adventure with this amazing online casino game, you won’t even need to get your feet wet as you can play right here right now, daring deeds are just a click away.

Explore a beautiful and ancient world

The stories say that the City of Atlantis slipped under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in a single day and a night, taking with it every trace that it had ever existed. No one knows why it sank, but the ancient Greeks believed that a huge volcanic explosion destroyed the whole island and left nothing behind. Some people believe that the Atlanteans were such an advanced race of people that they managed to survive this disaster and live to this day in the deep ocean. This lively slots game will take you to that city to meet the beautiful queen who reigns over the city in a fun voyage of discovery and treasure hunting. To help you on this expedition below the waves we are offering new players a free 100% up to $400 Bonus (plus 200 free spins) to be used with any of our online casino games.

There’s nothing fishy about the gameplay

Atlantis Queen is a beautiful, fully animated 5 reel 25 payline slot machine with fantastic graphics and sound effects which will make you believe you really are at the bottom of the sea exploring ancient sunken ruins. It’s fully featured, with the Greek god Poseidon and the Queen herself appearing to take you into the bonus rounds. If you match up 3 ruined Greek temples anywhere on the board you’ll have a chance to get a 3x multiplier or up to 14 free spins. There’s never been a better time to take a dip into our online slots collection so don’t delay, dive right in.