Monty Python are back with a bang in this funny online scratch card which is based on Spamalot, a musical comedy itself adapted by the team from their 1970s film Monty Python and the Holy Grail - a parody of the legend of King Arthur. The game’s title comes from the words to one of the songs in the musical which goes: We eat ham, jam and Spam a lot. Before spam transformed the internet into one big junk yard of unsolicited e-mails it was - and remains - a tinned luncheon meat which became popular after World War II. Monty Python even wrote a sketch about Spam in their idiosyncratic TV show in which a husband and wife, sat next to four Vikings, try to order food in a down-at-heel cafe but find that every dish on the menu contains Spam - hence the word we know and hate today! There is absolutely nothing unsavoury about this game which is a tasty addition to what we have a la carte at online casino.

Joy of six is a match made in heaven

All of your favourite characters from the musical are not simply here to give you a chuckle, their main function is to put some cash in your pocket. The killer rabbit, Lady of the Lake, King Arthur, the knights and the grail are just some of the symbols which appear in this game which differs from many of the online scratch cards in a couple of ways. Instead of the usual nine-square grid, there are six squares set into ancient parchment. The aim of many scratch cards is to get three symbols in a row but here it is simply to match the prize symbol with one of the six held by a hand whose owner is hidden behind the parchment! When you have decided your card price and clicked on ‘Play’ there is a great innovation because the hand that scratches the card moves in a very similar way to that created by Terry Gilliam, the Python’s cartoonist. That will certainly leave you looking on the bright side of life! Talking of hands, we’re also handing out a free 100% up to $/€400 (plus 200 free spins) Bonus when you register at online casino games.

Knights will leave you dazed

Match one of the symbols and you have just won a pay-out which is randomly awarded underneath the prize symbol. If you fancy encountering the knights who say ‘ni’ and the rest of the Spamalot entourage in a slots version there is a link on the Spamalot Scratch screen. This is a great fun-packed game, with a great soundtrack and evocative, psychedelic graphics from the time when Monty Python ruled comedy. Look no further for the Holy Grail of scratch cards because your mission has been accomplished!