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It seems like the whole world has gone crazy for lotto games, and it doesn’t matter whether you are playing on your own, or in a syndicate, whether you use random numbers, or have your own blend of lucky numbers, the fun and the excitement is the same for everyone! Lotto is a game you can find at home, or in almost any country abroad, it really has captured the public’s imagination. Nothing is more exciting than that moment waiting for the balls to be drawn, dreaming of that big win and planning what you’ll spend it all on if you do win. Now you can experience that same excitement any time of the day or night in this great online casino scratch cards game. We can scratch that lotto itch for you whenever you like, it’s so convenient that you’ll wonder why the real lottery isn’t played this way.

Go blotto for Lotto!

The very first recorded examples of lottery games come from the Han Dynasty in China from around 200 BC. Much like today, the lotteries were used to help to pay for public building works and are even thought to have helped pay for the Great Wall of China! The first European lotteries were held in Ancient Rome by Julius Caesar and ever since then people have been playing this exciting game of chance. Normally Lotto is a game played once or twice a week by whole countries, which is great, but you are limited to playing when everyone else plays. Well, you are not limited anymore, because Lotto Madness Scratch gives you an authentic lotto experience whenever you are ready to play. The simple and fun gameplay will be familiar to everyone and to make it even more interesting, we are offering new players a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games, so come and have a flutter.

It might be you!

Lotto Madness Scratch is a great online scratch cards game that captures all the fun and excitement of the most played game of chance anywhere in the world, the lottery! Gameplay is simple, choose your initial bet, and then choose to play up to three cards, the balls pop out and then you can scratch off your cards, any numbers you match result in instant prizes! All the fun of the lottery whenever and wherever you want to play!