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Come and join the rinky-dink panther in this officially licensed addition to our online casino collection. Probably the coolest of all our childhood cartoon characters, the pink panther is a suave but mischievous fellow who is just out for a good time. Unfortunately for Pink, the Little White Guy is hell bent on ruining any kind of relaxed atmosphere by getting in the way and, well you know, trying to do some work! Not groovy at all. Come and get a taste of classic cool with this great scratch card game that will have you thinking it’s the swinging 60s all over again.This nostalgic blast from the past is so easy and fun to play anyone can get in on the action. Just login and play. Let the coolest cat make you feel in the pink!

Rhinoceroses and tigers, cats and mink

The Pink Panther first appeared on the opening and closing credits to the famous Peter Sellers heist movies. He was so popular that he soon had his own animated short films and from there his own series and comics and toy line. The slinky feline became a worldwide hit! Unlike other cartoon characters, Pink was sort of a rat pack superstar in animated form, effortlessly cool, but cheeky at the same time. Compared to the usual cartoon characters of the time, he was like a breath of fresh air! We have taken some of that sophistication and created this fantastic scratch card game that will appeal to anyone who remembers that unusually coloured cat! New players have an especially good reason to get animated, as we are offering them a free welcome bonus that can be used with any of our online casino games.

But have you ever seen a panther that is pink?

Pink Panther Scratch is an officially licensed Pink Panther scratch cards game. The Game’s graphics and music are so perfect they will take you right back to those days sitting watching the cartoons in front of the television. Gameplay is simple and fun, choose an amount to bet, choose a card and scratch off the symbols. If you match three characters you win! There’s also a chance to win free games with the pink panther bonus, just make Pink’s name light up and the bonus is yours. There’s never been a better time to think pink!