How to play online roulette at

If you want to play roulette online, you can always visit to check out our fantastic range of options.

To get started, you can click on the icon on your desktop to launch the casino lobby. Next, select your preferred game mode – Practice or Real Money – and enter your login details. If you hover your mouse over the Table Games tab and then click on the version of roulette you’d like to play, your game will open in a separate window.

Starting roulette

A roulette table is laid out around a wheel featuring the numbers 1 to 36, alternately coloured black and red. An exception to this is the number 0, which is coloured white and can be found on the European, 3D and French roulette boards, and the number 00, which is featured on American roulette boards. The table is laid out so that the 36 numbers are made up of three columns, each containing 12 numbers.

If you’d like to begin playing online roulette, purchase roulette chips and place a bet on an area of the roulette table – odd or even, for example. To do this, click on a chip of the value you would like to bet with, and then click on a betting area to place it. You can increase the value of a bet by clicking on any chip pile already on the table. If you want to decrease your bet size, hold down the shift button on your keyboard and click on the pile of chips. To remove all bets from the table, click ‘Clear Bets.’

Betting areas

As well as odd and even, you may also bet on areas of the table that represent groups of numbers – the 1st 12 box, for example – and characteristics like red or black. You can also place your chips on individual numbers or bet on several areas at the simultaneously.

Once you’ve decided upon your bets, click the Spin button. This will spin the roulette wheel and begin the first round of the game. Please note that the ‘Spin’ button will be disabled if your bets are below the minimum limit.

Roulette wheel outcomes

When the ball has stopped rolling, it will settle on a numbered slot on the roulette wheel. If you placed your bet on the odd area of the table and the ball lands on an odd number, you win regardless of which odd number it landed on. The same applies for a bet on a colour, even numbers and so on.

Your winning chips will be collected at the bottom right-hand side of the roulette table and the amount you have won will be displayed underneath. If you want to place the same bet again in the next round, simply click ‘Rebet’ and then ‘Spin’ to set the ball rolling again.

To learn about the origins of roulette, you can read our history of roulette page, while the rules of the game can be found on our rules of roulette page. To play, you can download our software and create an account. If you have a roulette-related question, simply contact one of our Customer Support agents, who are available 24 hours a day. We hope you have fun playing roulette at – the ‘only place to play.’

Roulette buttons

  • Clear Bets: use this to clear all previous bets made in the same round.
  • Rebet: click here if you wish to bet the same amount as placed in your last round of online roulette.
  • Skip Turn: this button is only visible when you are playing online roulette with multiple players, and can be clicked to skip your turn.
  • Cashier: this button allows you to make deposits if you wish to play online roulette with real money. This icon also allows you to make withdrawals, as well as view current transactions and your history of previous bets made on the site.
  • Play for Real Money: you can click this to switch from fun mode to real money mode. You will be directed to a money account creation page, which will allow you to play online casino roulette for real money.
  • Menu: click here for the following options:
    • History: displays details of previous games and rounds played.
    • Options: adjust audio and visual settings in a game of online casino roulette.
    • Help: opens the user manual containing more instructions on how to play the game.
  • Online Support: lets you to speak to a Customer Support specialist about roulette.
  • Close or Lobby: click to return to the lobby. If you are playing in multi-window mode, this button will display the word Close. If the multi-window support is enabled, the button will display the word Lobby. You can adjust this feature by clicking the Options button.