The history of casino roulette

Roulette is one of the world’s most glamorous games and has been a popular choice for casino-goers since the 17th century. Thanks to our fantastic software, you can enjoy playing roulette online at in the comfort of your own home – you could even play now for the chance to win some big money payouts!

The origin of casino roulette

Roulette was invented by accident in 1655, when French mathematician, physicist and inventor of the world’s first calculator, Blaise Pascal, set out to create a perpetual motion machine. As well as a spinning wheel, the game, often referred to as ‘la roulette,’ featured house pockets, two slots for the bank and two betting spaces containing two numbers.

Almost 200 years after it was invented, brothers Francois and Louis Blanc of France decided to redesign the roulette wheel, introducing the iconic red and black pockets, as well as adding a green zero and numbering the pockets from 1 to 36.

According to legend, the brothers sold their souls to the devil in exchange for the secrets of roulette. Many believe this is the reason why all the numbers on the board add up to a total of 666, also known as the ‘Number of the Beast’!

Roulette goes global

By the 1880s, roulette had become popular in casinos all over Europe and particularly in the USA. Roulette tables were set up in saloons and gambling halls throughout the States and thousands queued up to try their hand at winning real cash. The roulette wheel inherited an ‘American Eagle’ slot, which was used to symbolise the country’s liberty. This also acted as a house slot, which added a new edge to the game.

Roulette became so popular that many players have wagered their entire earnings on a spin of the wheel. In 2004, Ashley Revell, a roulette player from London, sold all his possessions, including his clothing, and took $135,300 to the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. He put the entire amount on ‘red’, before spinning the wheel in one of history’s most famous double-or-nothing bets. Fortunately the player’s spin resulted in ‘red seven’ and he doubled his money!

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Roulette facts:

  • Roulette is often referred to as ‘the devil’s game’ because all the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666.
  • Each spin is completely random.
  • There was once a time when roulette was only played by the world’s richest people. Today though, it can be played on by anyone, anywhere.
  • Roulette is based on sheer luck.