Using a Pre-Paid Card at

A pre-paid card is a popular payment method, and refers to a card that is loaded with an amount of money that can be used to purchase goods or services online or from brick-and-mortar point of sale merchants. It is also known as a ‘stored-value card’. It looks and behaves much in the same way as a debit card or a credit card. However, unlike either of these cards, a pre-paid card does not need to be linked to a bank account and its payment method is debit based, meaning that the customer does not accumulate debt while using the card.

At we accept the most widely used pre-paid card service: PaySafeCard.

  • PaySafeCard :PaySafeCard is available in over 26 countries, the majority of which are in European Union. The service, however, has made inroads into other non-EU and non-European markets, most notably USA and Argentina.