Sofort Casino

Sofort is short form for the German instant bank transfer company Sofortüberweisung. The name literally translates into English as ‘transfer immediately’. The Sofort payment method creates a direct connection between you,, and your bank, so the transaction can be verified, and a confirmation can be sent to the merchant faster than with other systems.

It is for this reason that Sofort is preferred amongst German players as they withdraw and deposit funds using our cashier. Online casino deposits typically involve large amounts of money and consumers generally prefer a payment method that is reliable, fast and involves as few steps as possible. Sofort gives our German players exactly this. Its payment system is among the fastest in the world and it is networked with almost every major bank in Germany, giving customers a wide range of choices. It is slowly replacing credit cards and debit cards as the primary mode of payment at online casino portals. While Sofort is predominantly used in Germany, it does have branches in 10 other countries including the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

How to Make a Deposit with Sofort at

There is no need to open an account with Sofort in order to take advantage of their safe, immediate online bank transfers. As long as your bank is connected with the Sofort service you'll have full access to all their features.

To begin making a deposit you'll have to login to your account and click on the cashier button. This will bring you to the payment method page where you can select Sofort as your preferred method for depositing and withdrawing money. If you aren't in Germany, make sure that your bank is affiliated with Sofort before continuing the process.

Once you select Sofort a pop up window will appear and you can input your personal details and the amount you wish to transfer to your account. You will also receive a secret code with each transaction as part of the Sofort double authentication process. This added layer of security makes it nearly impossible for someone to access your Sofort account and make a transaction without your knowledge or permission.

Making a Sofort Withdrawal from

As long as the initial deposit was made using Sofort then you can make a withdrawal as well. The process is simple and similar to making a deposit. Once you’ve logged into your account, select withdrawal. The process is streamlined because your login details are saved in our system, so the withdrawal process takes place instantly. After completing the withdrawal process you should check your bank account to ensure that the money has arrived.