My Citadel Casino

My Citadel is a global E-wallet service that, unlike its competitors, can be used to transact online from anywhere in the world. The service is based out of the United Kingdom and is managed by Citadel Commerce UK Limited. Being regulated by the UK’s Financial Services Authority, My Citadel is a completely safe and fully-regulated way to make payments over the internet making it a popular payment method for UK players who regularly make withdrawal and deposit transactions. The website supports all major European languages as well as other neighboring languages, like Turkish. It also supports the big two European currencies, the Euro and the British Pound, along with the United States Dollar and a number of key currencies.

My Citadel sets itself apart from its competition in a number of ways. To begin with, My Citadel has no processing fees at all for transactions below a thousand Euros. For transactions above this threshold, the transaction fees are minimal. Secondly, once you register, your account is activated almost immediately, saving you precious time. If you are a consumer or business that works across time zones, and hence deals in a number of currencies, My Citadel has flexible currency exchange services that help you get the most out of your transactions. The icing on the cake is My Citadel’s twenty-four hour customer service, available by phone, mail or chat. The customer service is available in multiple languages in over 33 countries.

Using My Citadel at

If you have an e-wallet account at My Citadel, depositing money into your is a quick and easy process. If you aren’t already registered at, create an account and go to the payment center, also known as the Cashier page. Select My Citadel from the e-wallet section and select the options that are best suited for you.

My Citadel offers their clients 3 options when making a payment:

  1. Via a payment assistant app that can be downloaded easily.
  2. Going directly to the My Citadel webpage and setting up a payment process that connects with the player’s bank account.
  3. The My Citadel “Rapid” system. With this method, the player receives a private number that can be used to make the transfer through your own online bank account.

One of biggest advantages of using the My Citadel payment method is the that payment process is nearly instantaneous. My Citadel takes their clients security very seriously and therefore employ the very highest of security standards for all their transmissions..