Play Joker Poker Videopoker Online at NZ

Joker Poker, although very similar to other online Video Poker games, includes the Joker card to the standard 52-card deck. This single card not only increases your odds of winning big, but it also offers more excitement and entertainment along the way. It is easy to start playing Joker Poker online right now, especially if you have had experience playing other video poker online casino games on New Zealand, such as Aces and Faces or Deuces Wild. The basic rules of the game are very similar to these other online video poker games. However, adding the Joker is like adding a free bonus card because the Joker can replace any other card. This is a huge advantage for the player and keeps the game fun and exciting. Also, something different about Joker Poker is that a pair of Aces is the only single pair that can win in a hand. For example, a pair of Kings does not qualify for a payout.

Fun Features of Joker Poker

When you win big playing Joker Poker, you have the opportunity to win even more money if you are willing to risk the earnings you received from the last winning hand. This option of doubling your earnings is similar to the Double feature in Aces and Faces and All American. The Double feature in Joker Poker is even better though because you can choose to wager double your earnings or only a quarter of your earnings. That way, if you lose, you don't forgo everything you won in the hand. To play, you pick a face down card and if it is higher than the Dealers card, which is face up, you will win!

Start Playing Joker Poker in NZ Now!

Download the free and simple software on our online casino website and create a cash money account to start winning big cash prizes today. Review the History and Rules of Online Video Poker before you begin and after you master Joker Poker, test out some other versions of Video Poker on New Zealand. Deuces Wild and All American are among the most popular. Sign up and win big today!