Play Wild Viking Table Games Online at NZ

Wild Viking is a popular casino game at our online casino that is best described as a combination of Roulette and poker. So if you like either of these casino favourites, this could be a great choice for you if you fancy trying something a little bit different. Played with a 52 card deck and two additional joker cards - these act as wilds, meaning they can substitute any other card to complete a winning combination – it boasts a variety of regular payouts plus an impressive progressive jackpot. The overall idea is simple; your bets (multiple are allowed) are placed on a table similar to that used in Roulette, and the outcome of a single hand (rather than a wheel spin) determines the outcome of the online table game.

Know your bets and how to play

When you look at the Wild Viking table, it may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually quite straightforward when you know what you’re doing. You simply place your bets, and then the banker will deal five face-up cards and that concludes the online casino game. So the excitement comes from the possible bets and the payment structure.

The central area of the table is for all the main bets. These ‘straight’ bets are like Single Number bets in Roulette; you bet on a specific card and if you place this type of bet, you are watching for the turn of the fifth card in the dealer’s hand. When you make a Straight bet on a specific card and win, you will receive a payout of 51-1.

The bottom area is for lower-payout bets such as odd, even, black and red. And the top betting area on the table focuses on poker hands, with payouts based on basic Hold ‘em hand hierarchy. Payouts in this area range from even money for a pair up to 150-1 for a full house. The special Wild Viking bet is a on a Royal Flush with the joker substituting the first and final cards in the hand – and it offers a massive payout of 1250-1.

Wild Viking Jackpot payouts

If at any time you want to know the payout of a bet, hover over the area you want to bet on and the payout amount will pop up on your screen. All payouts are completed for you automatically, and you can see your bankroll in the bottom left corner of your screen.

You may also want to increase your chances of winning by betting into the Progressive side bet. This linked jackpot costs $1 to enter per deal, and pays out small amounts on three of a kind or higher – with the remaining jackpot funds going to the winner of a Wild Viking hand who also bets into the progressive.