Play Sic Bo Table Games Online at NZ

If you are looking to play a table game online that is unlike any other, then Sic Bo could be just the game you’re looking for. Played with dice, like craps but without the complicated multi-roll bets, this game offers some fast paced action and plenty of chances to win big. The online casino game is easy to understand and play: simply place your bets and then click Roll to see the dice in action. All bets are decided in a single roll, and any winnings due are immediately awarded. You can opt to play on both download or no download software and in Practice Mode or for real money.

How to place your bets

Like most casino games, the overall game is simple but the betting structure is more complex, with a range of options and payouts available. The Sic Bo table shows you all the possible bets you can make, with payouts clearly displayed, so you should be able to get started right away. The bottom of the screen is where the dice are shown as well as your chip count and bankroll (bottom left of screen). You place your bets on the central part, taking notice of the table’s betting limits (minimum and maximum) displayed at the top of your screen.

Small bets – this pays even money when dice total is between 4 and 10 (all triple bets excluded)

Big bets - pays even money when dice total is between 11 and 17 (all triple bets excluded)

Specific Triple – pays 180-1 when you correctly predict the exact three dice

Any triple triple – pays 30-1, but you don’t need to specify the exact dice

Specific Doubles – pays at 10-1 when you correctly predict the exact two dice

Three dice totals – this bet pays in relation to how difficult the combination is to hit. For instance, it pays out at 6-1 for totals from 9 to 12, but 4 and 17 are paid at 60-1 because they are more difficult to achieve.

Two Dice combo – pays 5-1 for predicting the exact two-dice combination: see table for details

Other useful information

There are other terms that you might find useful when you’re playing Sic Bo on our online casino software. The following are a list of actions that are available to you during your game, as well as

Roll – use to roll the dice once your bets are placed.

Rebet – press to repeat your previous bet.

Clear – will clear all bets before the game begins.

Options – this allows you to alter various settings such as switch to full screen, adjust sound effects, game speed and dice rolling animations.

Help – use this for in-game assistance on all Sic Bo rules and payouts