Play Mahjong Table Games Online at NZ

This popular and unusual online table game may look complicated at first, but it’s actually easy to get to grips with and lots of fun to play. Using 152 tiles inscribed with elaborate Chinese characters, it is a single player casino game online based on Japanese solo Mahjong. The tiles used can be divided into suits of three numbers and two letters – but don’t worry about the complicated scoring system as all that is done for you automatically to make your game run smoothly and efficiently.

How to play

Make your bet and hit New Game. You will then receive 13 face-up tiles, with the aim of the game to make a winning hand by drawing and discarding tiles. You actually start with what is known as a ready hand, which means that it is just one tile away from winning. The same time as your tiles are dealt, you will see a 24-tile wall appear face down. You need to try and find the tile that completes your hand from this wall.

Click on a tile to make your selection. If you make the wrong choice, you will see No Hand flash up on the screen and they will be discarded automatically. You have up to three picks before the game is over – in this instance, you lose the game and your wager. If the tile you choose does complete the hand, you will see another window that shows all the sets – such as Self Draw, Basic Bonus and Dora - and the value of each. These are converted into your score and this score determines your payout – this is shown in the Win box. You can now choose to Continue or to start a new game. If you Continue, the game finishes when you have completed three rounds.

Special payouts

There are special Mahjong payouts to watch out for; look to the Seat Wind and Quarter Wind sections on he right – if you hit a set of wind tiles that matches either of these you will acquire a bigger score. The Honour Streak Bonus, excusive to online casino versions of Mahjong, also awards extra points. All calculations are automatic but you can get a better understanding in the Help section to the bottom right of your screen.

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