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There’s no doubt we belong firmly in the age of the superhero. Not a week goes by without another visually stunning blockbuster hitting the cinema screens as good and evil draw the battle lines for another good old-fashioned dust-up. Back in 1978 the genre was fairly new to moviegoers, but Christopher Reeve inspired a generation of fancy dress lovers everywhere with his famous cape and instantly recognisable ‘S’ coat of arms. With the strength of a thousand oxes and the ability to fly so fast around the Earth that he could turn back time, this film is a classic and you can now enjoy the slots version of the movie in our online casino where there are so many games to choose from. But, hurry - there’s no time to lose! Lois is hanging over the edge of a skyscraper hanging on for dear life to a helicopter. Time for a change of clothes!

Superman The Movie charts the early life of our hero on the planet Krypton. In those days he was catchily named Kal-El, but despite being just a baby was sent by his parents to earth in a spacecraft because their planet was close to being destroyed by its sun which went supernova. We’re not sure how he fed himself during the three years it took him to get to Earth, but it didn’t do him any harm as he proved by lifting a truck belonging to his adopted parents! Now under the name Clark Kent, he has all sorts of adventures like preventing a nuclear missile from landing in New Jersey and then absorbing the shock of another which explodes at the San Andreas Fault.

Of course, he wins his battle with criminal mastermind Lex Luthor and changes the course of history by bringing Lois Lane back from the dead. Both characters feature as symbols in this online slots classic and there are also two great features. Pick from 14 crystals in the Crystal Bonus and you could win multipliers and earn restarts, but beware of the Kryptonite! Land three Free Games symbols on reels one, three and five and 10 free spins are heading your way at the speed of sound. Wilds are frozen, too, and there are also four progressive jackpots! So, grab your cape, shoot for the sky and check out some of the other super online casino games we have to offer.