Play Sultan's Fortune Slots Online at NZ

Have you always wondered what it must be like to have riches beyond your wildest dreams? To live like a king? Or even better, like a sultan, where every wish is your command? Now you can when you play Sultan’s Fortune slots online, where you’ll live the life of a sultan while you spin the reels.

In this casino game online, your every wish is the reels’ command. You’ll get to decide what the coin denomination is, and then you’ll get to choose whether to Bet One or to Bet Max. You can do this either by clicking on the buttons by those names, or else by clicking on the corresponding columns in the paytable, which, by the way, is conveniently displayed on the top of your playing screen.

Then spin and the rest is up to lady luck, who will most surely be on your side, as which lady doesn’t want to please the sultan?

Where To Find The Sultan’s Fortune

Set against the background of an Arabian town, Sultan’s Fortune will get you as close as you’ll ever be to the type of fortune that Aladdin only ever dreamed of. The symbols all ooze wealth and mystique and include shiny gold coins, sparkling emeralds and priceless pink pearls. You’ll also come across mysterious magician’s hats, Arabian swords, and hearts to woo you over.

The symbol that has the most value out of this treasure chest is the magician’s hat. Three of this symbol will pay you out a magical jackpot of 10,000 coins!

Sultan’s Fortune At New Zealand

Even though Sultan’s Fortune is one of the more basic slots versions you’ll find at New Zealand, it is still one of the most popular choices for both newbies and more seasoned gamblers. The reason for this lies in its simplicity. It is a classic 3 reel single payline version in a fun theme. There are no bells and whistles to learn, just simple spinning and winning and sometimes this gives a refreshing break from the more complex video slots versions.

If this sounds like it’s just up your alley, then come on over to the leading New-Zealand online casino, create your account, claim your welcome bonus and spin your way well into the Arabian night.