Play Space Invaders Online Slot Game at New Zealand

When Space Invaders first debuted in the late 1970’s, who could have predicted that one day it would become a popular online slot game at New Zealand? That is exactly what has happened, Playtech has developed a 10 payline game based on the original Space Invaders game that it sure to delight online casino players.

All the elements that made Space Invaders special, from the pixelated graphics and shooting aliens that are falling from the sky, have been incorporated in this 5-reel online slot game. The big difference between this version of Space Invaders and the arcade game is when you’d put a quarter in the machine, you’d go home when game was over and all your money would stay in the machine. With this version, you’re still paying to play, but now you can also win real money with each spin.

Protecting Earth from Space Invaders at New Zealand

The gameplay is the same as a standard online slot game. The games symbols include the familiar aliens, spaceships, monsters and planets that you may recall from the arcade. While there are no wild symbols that spin on the reels, it is still possible to have wilds shot on the reels at the end of a spin.

Under the reels is a cannon that moves from right to left after each spin. When the cannon and an enemy UFO, located at the top of the reels, the UFO Wild Feature is triggered. The cannon will shoot a laser beam up at the UFO, hoping to destroy it, while rewarding you at the same time. The cannon can distribute up to 9 wilds with each laser beam.

The Invaders Turn Wild feature is activated should the cannon come to a rest under reels 2 and 4. In this feature the cannon will start shooting at any lower value symbol found on the reels and transforming them to Wilds. Any winning payline that has one of the transformed wilds will also benefit from a 2x multiplier.

Win Real Money with Space Invaders Online Slots at New Zealand

Space Invaders online slots is more than just a tug on the nostalgic feelings of our New Zealand players. It’s a fun online casino game that offers ample opportunity for players to win real money. In order to win, you need to have an active account at NZ, so register today and keep Earth clean from those pesky Space Invaders.