Play Si Xiang Online Slots at NZ

Get in tuned with your inner Tao spirituality when you play the Si Xiang online slot game at New Zealand. The game is based on the four mythological beasts that are found in the Chinese constellations; the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Turtle. According to the Tao belief these beasts each represent one of the seasons and a point on the compass. In the Chinese language they are known as the Si Xiang.

At the online casino, they are known as the top paying symbols in the Si Xiang online slot game. The Azure Dragon is the highest paying symbol with a top payout of 10,000 for 5 of a kind. The lower value symbols are designed to look like Chinese characters, but upon closer look, you’ll recognize the 9-A symbols that are often used in online casino games.

There are 2 special symbols, a Yin Yang wild, which not only substitutes for any other symbols, it will also double the payout when it is used to create the winning combination.

The Si Xiang online slot logo is the scatter symbol and it will payout when it appears on consecutive reels going in either direction.

Get to know the Si Xiang Beasts

Si Xiang is a basic online slot game that doesn’t need free spins or other bonus features to make it exciting. The 5-reel game has up to 9 paylines and max bet of $900 should you play all 9 lines at $100 per line.

As the central figures in the game, you should get to know a bit about the 4 beasts and what they represent. The Azure Dragon is also known as Meng Zhan, and it represent the spring season and Azure springs of Eastern China.

The Vermillon Bird also goes by the name Ling Guang, geographically, it represents the red sands of Southern China and it’s season it the red hot summer.

The White Tiger, or Jian Bing is connected with the Autumn season and the white sands of the western deserts.

The final creature is the black turtle or Zhi Ming who is connected to the dark soil in the north and the long dark nights in winter.

Together these creatures and not only a central theme in the Chinese culture, but also valuable symbols in our online casino game.

Win Real Money Play Si Xiang Online Slots at NZ

You don’t need bonus rounds and free spins to win real money playing online slots at New Zealand. All you need is an active real money account and an appreciation for other cultures and you’ll have a great playing this well designed game.