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Instead of hopping from slot machine to slot machine in a brick and mortar casino or online, this variety of slot machine gaming allows you to play more than one machine at once, with absolutely no stress or confusion! Our multi spin slot games are 3 reel machines, with one pay line per machine. Some have 3 rows, while others have 5 and even 10. With our state-of-the-art graphics, it is very easy to see all of the rows, as they will all appear on one screen.

Most of the machines feature classic symbols, such as fruit or numbers. After the player chooses their specific game, bets are placed depending on how many lines are in each game. Obviously, the more games you play at once, the larger the bets and the larger the payout. Multi Spin Slots allow you to play many games at once, and win big money all at once as well!

Please read the payout table of each specific game to understand your betting options and the payout for each. Many of the games that you can play as Multi Spin have specific features for that game. For example: You are playing 3 reel slots that have 5 rows, each one with one pay line. The first spin will spin one of the rows, and then you will be able to hold down one or more symbols while the other rows spin. This is known as the “big spin” and these two spins can be done with one coin. Basically, this means that you increase your chances (5x) of winning the symbol that you have selected to remain held down. This may also increase with the amount of rows offered in the game.

Try out some of the video multi spin slots online we have at New Zealand, including Ocean Princess and Goblin’s Cave.

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Increase your earnings by playing more than one game at once! Download our online casino software to create an account and get started winning big. Be sure to read about the History of Slot Machines and Rules of Slot Machines and check out other online casino games playing options such as Classic Single Line Slots and Progressive Slots.