Play Miss Fortune at New Zealand

Let’s take a magical journey through the iron gates leading to the zany castle perched on a rocky top where potions are brewing and spells being cast by the good witch Miss Fortune. This red-headed sorceress is a teacher at a very weird school in which a mischievous dragon seems to be her only pupil. He gets up to all sorts of tricks like slipping on a banana skin and smashing a crystal ball while carrying ancient books or getting locked in a treasure chest, but never fear because Miss Fortune is always there to rescue him with her magical breath she blows his way. There is nothing misfortunate about this magical five-reel 25-payline slot or any of the other games in our online casino, so take a look and see what’s in store.

Miss Fortune favours the brave

Witch-ever way you look at it, Miss Fortune is one of the most spellbinding games in our wide selection of online slots and it is also packed with extra features. The Magical Collection feature allows players to accumulate free games tokens if ever two of the logos appear anywhere between reels one and four. Once free games have been triggered the counters will be added to your total. Free Games are activated by three logos of the same name displaying anywhere on the reels. You start off with seven free games plus those you accumulated in the Magical Collection and if you don’t win on a free spin your multiplier increases by one up to a maximum of 10!

Win prizes in this pet-rifying feature

While dodging all the frogs, owls and potions that fill the castle, you will have to keep an eye on the naughty dragon that occasionally runs away and hides in one of the lockers. If three of these cheeky chaps appear on reels one, three and five, it’s time to find him in the Teacher’s Pet Bonus. Players are awarded 10 picks to find as many pet dragons as possible, but even if one of the lockers is empty, the lovely witch will open a few doors to show you where he isn’t hiding to help you with your next pick. The more dragons you find, the bigger the prize. Hop on your broomstick and give Miss Fortune a whirl in online casino games - it’s scarily good.