Play Jungle Boogie Slots Online at NZ

Jungle Boogie online slots is as straightforward as they come with only 3 reels and 1 payline. If you’re in the mood to go back to basics or maybe you’re just starting out with the slots, then this is the version for you. It’s fun to play, easy to understand and pays out big rewards for winning combinations.

How To Play Jungle Boogie

The theme of Jungle Boogie is set in, you guessed it, a jungle filled with all types of exotic animals. You’ll meet a ferocious tiger, a stealthy leopard, a cheeky monkey, chattering parrot, a very serious baboon and a blue piranha. All against the background of a leafy green jungle!

The paytable is right there at the top of your screen, so you don’t need to worry about flipping from screen to screen. Your aim is simply to land three of a kind on the reels and you’ll be paid out. When it comes to the piranha symbol, even landing one or two of these will win you a small payout.

The most valuable symbol is the tiger who will reward you with up to 4,000 coins if you land 3 of his symbol. Next in line is the baboon and then the parrot with 1,500 and 600 coin maximum wins respectively. All that you need to do is to select your coin value, decide whether to Bet One or Bet Max and spin those reels to a payout!

A really fun feature is that instead of selecting Bet One or Bet Max, you can actually click on the paytable itself, on the relevant section, to choose your bet.

Jungle Boogie And Other Favourite Online Slot Games

The colourful and fun theme combined with the easy way to win has attracted players all over the world to Jungle Boogie at our New-Zealand casino online. Once you’ve had your fill of the simple life, then come up your game with one of our multi-line or multi-spin video slots versions. We have so many exciting attractive themes to choose from that you won’t know where to start. Create your account at New Zealand and you’ll have your pick from all the Marvel superhero online casino games, and loads of other themes, such as Greatest Odyssey, Cute & Fluffy, Forest of Wonders and so many more!