Play Juicy Booty Online Slots at New Zealand

It’s time to board the pirate ship and win the booty that awaits you in the Juicy Booty online slot game at The game takes place on the deck of the ship, and you can see it all thanks to the 5 transparent reels. Through the reels, you can see the cannons, boxes, ladder and really get the sense that you’re on the ship. The sound effects will also put you on the shaip. As you can hear the ocean as you spin the reels.

The online casino game has 6 fruit symbols, and if you get anywhere from 3-15 on the reels you’ll win money. The pineapple is the highest paying fruit with a 5,000 coin jackpot if you’re lucky enough to fill up the entre reel. The orange is the lowest value – with a payout of 5 when you get 3 on a winning payline.

In addition to the fruit, there is also a skull, telescope, compass and a hook symbols, these are the traditional high value symbols, and you can get at most 5 in a row. The special symbols are a musket bonus, a Free spin barrel/scatter and the Juicy Booty symbol acts a wild, and can replace any other symbol, except the bonus, for completing a winning combo.

Bonuses and Features When You Play Juicy Booty at NZ

The ship’s captain a lemur name Captain Lemmy and he’s liable to jump out at any time brandishing his sword, he cut up those fruits and turn them into even bigger wins. Captain Lemmy can slice and dice a symbol in half, which means that you’ll have two of the same symbols one reel. This increases your chances of winning, and if you’re lucky, he’ll cut up to 15 symbols which gives you the chance at have 15 symbols in winning payline.

The fruit shoot bonus is triggered when the Bonus symbol lands on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels simultaneously. This bonus round allows you to shoot the musket up t 10 times. Take aim at the flying fruit and anytime you can hit the fruit, turning it into juice, you’ll win a cash prize. There are 3 hidden keys that are the needed to win the vaunted jackpot treasure.

Enjoy Juicy Booty Online Slots at NZ today

The Juicy Booty online casino game has a different look and feel then most other online slot games from Playtech. Instead of the regular spin button, you’ll take your turn by hitting the button on the middle right side of the game board. You can opt to just let it continue playing until you’ve won a bonus feature. For detailed breakdown of the pay tables and all the exciting bonus and features, click on the setting wheel located on the top right corner of the page.