Play Ghost Pirates Online Slot at NZ

Climb aboard the spookiest of pirate ships...if you dare.

The pirate crew that is sailing the high seas at NZ are ghosts, and they're after the gold in the entertaining Ghost Pirates online slot game from NetEnt. Meet the colourful cast of characters and their pets as they spin on the reels in search of treasure

The lower value symbols are all items one might expect to find on the decks of a pirate ship. The payouts for the cannons, guns, anchor, and jugs of alcohol aren't as big as what the pirates' payout, but gold coins are still gold coins.

As an added bonus you can also find a wild and scatter symbols on the reels, enhancing your odds at winning real money and triggering bonus the feature.

Find Your Treasure in Ghost Pirates Online Slot Game at NZ

Instead of the standard paylines used by most online slot games, Ghost Pirates has up to 243 Ways to Win. What this means is all you need is at least 3 matching symbols adjacent to each other, going in any direction, and you'll win some coins.

One nice feature that you don't get with most 243 Ways to Win games, is that you can choose how many Ways to Win to activate. The options are 3, 9, 27, 81 or the full 243.

The option you choose will determine how many of the symbols will be spinning and how much money you can wager per spin. For example, if you choose to go with just 3 Ways to Win, only the middle row and the far left column will spin. Everything else will be greyed out. The more Ways to Win you activate, the more symbols will spin. Obviously with the full 243 Ways to Win activated all the reels will spin, and you can bet the max amount of coins, giving you the best odds of winning.

There is just one bonus feature in Ghost Pirates, a free spin round with a 3x multiplier.

If you don't have the full 243 Ways to Win activated you can only win 20 free spins, but with all winning ways active you'll be able to win 25 free spins.

Try Your Luck with Ghost Pirates Online Slots at NZ Today

Trying to get the treasure before the Ghost Pirates can get it is a challenge that has its rewards. But in order to collect your booty you'll need to register for an account at our online casino and make a deposit. Once your funds have been processed, you will not only have access to our Flash Casino but you can also receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $400.

Don't let these ghosts frighten you, spin the reels in the Ghost Pirate online slot game and see if you can win real money today.