Play From Russia with Love Slots Online at NZ

From Russia With Love is the James Bond flick that rocked the silver screen back in the sixties. As the caption called it, this is the incredible new adventure with Bond’s incredible new woman and incredible new enemies, and now you can be a part of it…sort of. You see, these online slots may have the same name as that blockbuster Sean Connery flick, but that’s all that they share. In fact, this game is all about the mother country, and it is filled with all the trappings that would make a Soviet tear for home. Come over and find the fun right here!

From Russia With Love Highlights

From Russia With Love is the game to play for a cosy winter scene and great prizes, and is the best place to find it. The starry night has a sky filled with twinkling lights and streaked with the kind of frosty wisps that you only find in the cool twilight of winter. The icons themselves have everything to do with this country, and they’ve covered the nationality splendidly. Find samovars, vodka, onions, Matryoshka dolls, and some delectable goodies that are only made in these remote villages all over the screen.

From Russia With Love Bonus Level

The bonus level is called the Matryoshka bonus round, and you can get it when the Matryoshka icon comes up on reels one and five. Here is where you get to choose from different colourful dolls to find prizes inside. Some dolls will have a collect card, and that will end the round, so avoid it at all costs. The grand total that you just might rack up? How about seventy-four gratis games and a chance to double up on your gains? Oh, and you can always trigger even more free games where the same opportunity for seventy-four more chances to win keeps coming up! Yeah, it’s prizes like these that make our fans keep coming back to our New-Zealand casino online!

From Russia With Love is a spectacular choice from among our great selection, but it’s certainly not the only one! We have a wide variety of online casino games that you can enjoy on so many levels. Whether it’s the cool mountains of Europe or the hot sunny shores of the beach, we’ve got the locale for you, so come on down!