Play Firemen Online Slots at New Zealand

Everyone knows that Firemen are the true heroes. You’ve probably seen firemen in calendars and in heroic poses, but you’ve never seen firemen like the ones in the Firemen online slot game at New Zealand.

This 5 reel 20 payline game from Playtech has everything that an online casino player could ask for. A humorous theme, some bonus rounds and a chance to win some real money. The game is set on a cartoonish building, with what appears to be 16 windows, and the symbols fill out the windows. The symbols include a cat, a blonde woman, flowers, and old lady and of course the firemen. The game has a wild symbol, a flashing siren, and it can replace anything except the burning flame scatter symbols.

Firemen Firemen Firemen

Burning Bonuses at Firemen Online Slots at New Zealand

As you can imagine the bonuses at the Firemen online slot game at NZ are on fire. All it takes is one fire scatter symbol to land on the reels and the flames will start spreading across the reels, revealing on of 3 bonus features. The more scatters or the larger the fires, means that your wins have a bigger potential.

  1. Firemen Wild – All the fire scatter is transformed into wild symbols which will give you a second chance at winning.
  2. Instant Win – If the Win symbol appears you’ll be an instant winner. Your cash prize will be revealed to you.
  3. Inferno Bonus – With the inferno bonus, it’s time for the firemen to get to work putting out the fire. Every symbol, or window, will be engulfed in flames and you’ll have to click on the reel to pit out the fire. Behind every fire is a cash prize, and you can keep on putting out fire and earning more money, until you find the fire that says collect.

In addition to these fun bon options, the top jackpot, in regular gameplay mode, can be as high as 500 times your initial bet, if you can manage to get 5 wilds on the board in one spin.

Take These Firemen Out for a Spin Today at NZ

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Whatever you choose don’t waste too much time or the reels might cool down.