Play Fairest of Them All Online Slots at New Zealand

Fairest of Them All is an online slot game that was inspired by one of Walt Disney’s most famous tales, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. The games symbols make good use of the characters from this fable, Prince Charming, Wicked Witch, dwarfs, and Snow White. There are also bonuses and scatter symbols that can increase your chances to win money.

Bonuses and Features at the Fairest of Them All Online Slots at New Zealand

There is a lot to love about this online casino game, from the beautiful Snow White watching you spin the reels, to all the different bonuses, modifiers and progressive jackpots that can be won.

There are six modifiers that Snow White can reward you with

  1. Butterfly – Look for a butterfly to fly across the screen and add up to 5 scatter symbols and guarantee that you’ll enter one of the bonus features.
  2. Silver Dust – You’ll definitely win with this modifier, as up to 3 reels will respin until a winning combination appears on the reel.
  3. Gold Dust – A win is a win, but with Gold Dust sprinkled on your reels, they will take your winning symbol and transform them to a higher value symbols.
  4. Owl – The owl will up to 5 wilds on the reels.
  5. Rabbit – The Rabbit will hop across the board and leave 3 stacked wilds in its stead.
  6. Red Bird – The red bird will multiply your win by 30 times.

In addition to these great modifiers there are also 2 bonus rounds you can win in Fairest of Them All.

Mine Bonus - The mine bonus is triggered when 3 bonus dwarf symbols lands on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. In this round you will head down the mine shaft with the dwarfs and start digging for your prize. Each location you dig has a different cash value as does the dwarf who does the digging. The round ends when you uncover the “collect” space.

Free Spins – When the free spins symbols end up on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th reel you’ll receive 5 free spins. If, during those free spins Snow White appears in the magic mirror the countdown will stop, but the free spins will continue. Should she appear a second time, the multiplier will begin to increase. When the evil queen shows up in the mirror, the countdown timer will restart at the multiplier will go back to 0. There is a maximum of 100 free spins that can be won during this round.

Progressive Jackpot – There are 3 ways that you could win the progressive jackpot:

  1. Snow White can call Prince Charming at random
  2. In te Mine bonus round the Prince will show up
  3. During the Free Spin bonus round, the Prince shows his face in the mirror.

If any of these happen, you’ll have won the progressive jackpot, but that can only happen if you have an online casino account at New Zealand.