Play Emoji Planet Online Slots at New Zealand

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably familiar with emoji’s and the tremendous popularity they’ve earned. Whether you’re texting, on social media, watching a movie, and now playing online slot games – emojis are everywhere. Emoji Planet is an animated online slot game, available at New Zealand, that brings all your favorite emojis together to help you try and win money.

How to Play Emoji Planet Online Slots at New Zealand

The Emoji Planet online slot game has a unique look and format that you may be used to from playing other online casino games. It’s played on a 5x6 grid, and instead of reels, the symbols fall into place from above. After every win, the winning symbols are removed, and more symbols fall into place, which can cause additional wins. The symbols continue to drop into place until there is no winning combo.

A winning combination consists of 5 symbols that touch each other, they can go up or down, right or left. The high paying symbols are the laughing smiley, alien head and poop face. The lower value symbols also have special functions attached to them. These symbols are lips, pizza, bomb, rocket and double blue hearts. There is also a wild symbol, and it can be used to create a win for multiple symbols at the same time.

As mentioned above, once a winning combination is created, those symbols are moved off the board to make space for additional ones. If the winners were part of the lower value group, they are tallied up on the left-hand side. If you can get 12 of those winning symbols in one turn, they will provide you with a boost when you have no more winning combos on the board.

Bomb – This will destroy 8 symbols on the board and you’ll receive a randomized multiplier, up to 100 times your bet for each blown up symbol.

Pizza – There will be a grouping of random symbols in a 3x3 square on the reels.

Kiss – There will be 3 sticky wilds added to the screens. These sticky wilds will have 3 lives, and those lives are measured in consecutive wins. It will lose a life after it helps with a win, after the third win, they will be removed from the board.

Rocket – Adds a stack of 10 wilds on the board, to create a winning combination.

Two Hearts – Multiplies your total win in the consecutive rounds by the number of times that the heart meter was filled, plus 1.

Visit Emoji Planet at NZ Today

Emoji Planet looks like a fun place to visit, all you need is an active account at NZ to enjoy all the benefits this game has to offer. You can only play Emoji Planet on a desktop, so put your phone down for a bit and just enjoy the emojis in this online casino game.