Play EggOmatic Touch Online Slot at NZ

The EggOmatic Touch mobile online slot game at NZ has such a great backstory and the amazing graphics that we’ve come to expect from NetEnt, it could have been a Pixar movie.

Before the online casino game starts, there is a short animated clip that tells us the story behind the game. The chickens and roosters in the barn are having a hard time keeping up with the production of eggs. They created a machine called the EggOmatic that will make more eggs, and allow them to rest, or so they thought.

The game takes place in the barn with a collection of chickens and roosters spinning on 20 fixed paylines. The red and white roosters are the highest value symbols and they are followed by some exhausted looking chickens and birds. There is also a Wild symbol that not only substitutes for other symbols, but also plays a big role in the bonus features.

Magic Egg Bonuses in the EggOmatic Touch Online Slot Game at NZ

As the reels turn, the EggOmatic machine is busy making eggs and putting them on a conveyor belt above the reels. With each spin, the egg will move over one column to the left. If there is a Wild symbol under the egg it will activate one of the following egg based bonuses features.

Coin Win Egg - The EggOmatic will spit out an egg with a number on it. If you win the feature you will win the coin amount etched in the egg multiplied by the Bet Level that you were betting with.

Free Spin Egg - You can win up to 50 free spins if a Free Spin Egg is directly above a Wild symbol.

Spreading Wild Egg - An egg with a W on it is the Spreading Wild Egg and when it falls onto the regular wild symbol, it will transform all symbols that are touching it into wilds.

Surprise Egg - The multi coloured egg is a surprise, you never know which of the above bonuses you can win if a wild lands under it.

Collect Eggs and Win Real Money in EggOmatic Touch at NZ

As long as you have an Android or Apple mobile device you can play EggOmatic Touch for real money. Simply open an account at our online casino, download our mobile app, deposit funds into your account and you’re all set to go. You can claim our exclusive Welcome Bonus, up to $400, with your first deposit.

So head to the barn, crank up the EggOmatic machine and see which egg bonuses you can win.