Play Captain Cannon's Circus of Cash Online Slots at New Zealand

The circus is coming to New Zealand and it’s bringing you the chance to win real money with the exciting online slot game and Captains Cannon's Circus of Cash at New Zealand. With a progressive jackpot, fun bonus features and tons of fun this online casino game is a regular three ring circus.

The theme is a circus, and the symbols found on the reels don’t disappoint. There is a bearded lady, knife throwers, animal tamers and clowns. The Lion is a wild symbol, which can be used to replace any other symbol, with the exception of the scatter symbol.

Amazing bonuses at Captain Cannon's Circus of Cash online slot game

When Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash comes to town they bring 9 crazy bonuses with them. Much like the three-ring circus, the bonuses are divided into 3 rings: In Reel, Caravan Bonus and The Main Event.

With the In Reel bonus rounds the player never leaves the main gameboard, but the reels are adjusted to include more wild symbols which can increase the odds of winning. The 3 bonuses in this Ring are Lion Tamer, Fire Breather and Rampaging Elephant.

The Caravan bonuses are a chance for the player to win some extra cash prizes at the online casino without having to rely on a winning spin. The player is taken from the main reels and will have to choose an object, each object has a cash prize hidden behind it, your prize will be revealed after you make a selection. The Caravan Bonus games are; The Knife Thrower, Strongman Contest and Shave the Bearded Lady.

Much like the real circus, the real action takes place in the Main Event. This is where yo can have the chance at winning the biggest prizes including 25 free spins in the Clown Car Free Spin, multipliers up to 100x when you shoot Captain Cannon out of a cannon in Captain Cannon’s Wild Ride. There is also the TightRope MotorBear which can pay out anywhere from 10x-1000x the initial bet.

If you are lucky to see a Golden Clown then you’ll be the happiest person at the circus, because that means that you’ve won the progressive jackpot.

Play Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash for Real Money at New Zealand Today

If you like what you’ve read here, then you’ll really like playing Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash at New Zealand. In order to win real money playing this online casino game, you’ll ned to create an account and deposit funds into your account. The process is quick and simple, which gives you more time to start playing. So head out to Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash and see why this online slot has Barnum and Bailey’s circus beaten hands down.