Play Benchwarmer Football Girls Slots Online at NZ

If you are a feminist who protests the idea of women being appreciated for their bodies or a religious sort who wouldn’t dream of entertaining these possibilities, then Benchwarmer Football Girls is NOT the game for you! These exciting online slots are loaded with beautiful bombshells, scantily clad and bursting at the little seams that they are wearing. These women know that they’re hot, and they’re not afraid to shout it out to the world. If you like the idea of a peppy personality rallying your efforts, then check out these reels now!

Benchwarmer Football Girls Highlights

Benchwarmer Football Girls certainly gets the blood rushing and the heart pumping! The reels host a wide range of beautiful ladies in various positions, each cradling their own ball of choice, and believe us, soccer was never more exciting than this! The bonus features keep the thrill factor high even after the ladies have retired from the screen. A bonus symbol that floats onto the board on reels one and five will bring you to a new screen with even more action. You get to choose from different coloured balls to find the prizes hiding below. You can win things like multipliers that will increases your earnings exponentially or free games at our stupendous New-Zealand online casino.

Benchwarmer Football Girls Extras

Back on the regular screen, the scatter symbol is shown as the logo of the game. This icon needs to show up three times because when it does, you get ten free spins and a specialty feature as well. Of course, as with most of the online casino games on, Benchwarmer Football Girls has a wild card as well. This is a really astounding image since it will reward you with ten thousand points if you manage five at one shot!

So whether you are in it for the thrill of the spinning reels, the great prizes that are always being won or the vivacious vixens that are teasing you from across the computer screen, Benchwarmer Football Girls is an exciting option that will keep you glued to your chair and playing all night long! Head over to our club today, and start the fun now!