Play Batman Begins Online Slot at NZ

Batman Begins is an online slot game that can be played both on the web and from your mobile device. All you need is a Real Money account at NZ and you're all set to join Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Scarecrow, and of course Batman himself.

Try your luck when you spin the reels in this exciting 20 payline online casino game that features multiple progressive jackpots, expanding and shifting wilds, multipliers and exciting bonus features.

Batman Begins is based on the 2005 Christian Bale movie with the same title. In addition to winning money of course, your goal is to save Gotham from League of Shadows across the 5 locations in this game.

Save Gotham and Win Money in Batman Begins Online Slot at NZ

There are 7 wild symbols that can be found on the reels when you play Batman Begins and each offers its own little twist. The main symbol has Gotham City with the Batman logo over it and it can substitute for any regular symbol on the board.

When this symbol lands on a hotspot, a space on the middle reel, it will expand and take over the entire column. The third wild can change its powers for each of the 5 different locations of the game.

For each of the stages there are two meters to fill and a hotspot in the centre of the reels. Once the meter is full, you will switch locations to the one that corresponds to the completed meter.

The five locations are:

  1. The Temple – Here you'll find the flower wild that grows out and transforms 1 symbol in all four directions.
  2. The Batcave – The Batmobile is wild here and it is a shifting wild that triggers a respin until it drives off the reels.
  3. Arkham Asylum – The Bat symbol wild includes a multiplier up to 50x
  4. Wayne Manor – The wild here is known as the Petrol wild and it can transform between 2-5 adjacent symbols.
  5. The Monorail - The Microwave wilds will duplicate the highest value symbols on the board when there are at least two on the reels.

In each location there are two symbols that will fill up the meters and can transform you to the various locations.

Play for the DC Super Hero Progressive Jackpot at NZ

A progressive jackpot is one of the most exciting features when you play slots at the online casino. Batman Begins is part of the DC Super Hero progressive jackpot and has 4 possible jackpots to win.

You can only win the jackpot, or any real money, if you have a funded account at NZ. To help get you started, we'll give you up to a $400 Welcome Bonus when you make your first deposit.

Join the Dark Knight as he watches over Gotham and try and get to all five locations when you play Batman Begins online slot game at NZ.