Batman and The Penguin Prize Online Slots at NZ

We may not be in Gotham City, but that’s not stopping The Penguin from trying to seize control from Batman in the Batman and The Penguin Prize online slot game, available at NZ. In this unique online casino games, the Penguin controls half the board, while Batman controls the other half, and you stand to benefit as both side clash.

Plenty of Respins with Batman and The Penguin Prize at NZ

Batman and The Penguin Prize is played on a 6 reel gameboard with 64 potential winning paylines. When you spin the reels for the first time you’ll notice that only the 3 reels on the left side are spinning. Fear not, the game is broken, rather the smirking Penguin has seized control of the right reels. It takes a win from the batman side to best the Penguin and a respin will occur with all the reels spinning.

The Penguins reels contain stacked symbols on them, which can only increase your chance of winning. If you are able to get a winning combo, then you’ll move on the next level, Respin 2, where there is a total of 4,096 ways to win. This round includes a 2x2 Super Symbols that are sure to once again, increase the odds of winning.

Should your winning ways continue you’ll move on the third and final respin level which also has 4,096 ways to win. The big difference here is that instead of the 2x2 Super Symbols, now you’re playing with 3x3 Mega Symbols. At the end of this round your total winnings for all the respins rounds are tallied up and added to your account.

The only thing more exciting than a progressive jackpot are 4 progressive jackpots. And that’s just what Batman and The Penguin has to offer our New Zealand online casino players with the DC Super Heroes progressive jackpot. The Jackpot round can be randomly triggered after any spin, and it guarantees a win in 1 of the 4 jackpots. The jackpots are name Mini, Minor, Major and Grand; obviously the prizes get bigger when you get to Major and Grand.

In order to win real money, or the chance at the progressive jackpot, you’ll need to deposit money into your New Zealand account and play Batman and The Penguin Prize for real money. Unlike on TV, when Batman and The Penguin work together at NZ only good things can happen for you.