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When there’s trouble in town it’s up to Batman and his faithful sidekick Robin to bring the pesky perpetrators to justice. This time it’s the Catwoman, Gotham’s most infamous cat-burglar, looking to get her hands on all of the rich stuff unless she can be stopped of course. Join the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder on their adventures as they try to capture the cagey cat and put a stop to her continuing capers! We’ll take you back to the days when Batman was on the small screen and every episode was a riot of color and hip 1960s fun and frolics. Just enter our Online Casino and take a trip straight to Gotham City for a super heroic experience.

Experience the comic book adventures

Batman first appeared in DC comics in 1939, the Millionaire Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter ego took the comics world by storm, and since then batman has appeared in countless comics, graphic novels, films, cartoons and television shows. For many of us, the first encounter we had with Bats was in his 1960s television series, which mixed hip-cat cool style with camp hijinks and hilarious fight scenes. Although it only aired for two years, over the 120 episodes we were introduced to many recurring characters and super villains. One of the most memorable was the slinky Catwoman, a sexy cat-burglar played with style by Julie Newmar and later, Eartha Kitt. Catwoman’s curves were always a temptation for Bats, but in the end truth and justice prevailed. Come and see if you can beat the catwoman and recover the riches in this great addition to our Online casino games library. Rookie crimefighters can also receive a $400 (plus 200 free spins) welcome bonus to help in the good fight!

Batman & Catwoman Cash is an officially licensed online slots game based on the DC comic book character. It’s a 5-reel, 25-payline slot that will have you doing the batusi with joy! As well as the great graphics and sound effects, this slot is filled with special features, not least the bonus game which brings back the fantastic ‘KAPOW’ style graphics used in the fight scenes of the original TV series. It’s not all nostalgia, as the game is bang up to date and you’ll see that the special DC jackpot is something worth getting into a flap about! Holy online slots action bats! This game has got me in a spin!